Marathon Des Vins De La Côte Chalonnaise 2024

Nature 12K

Minimum 16 years old
For unlicensed, it is essential to provide a medical certificate of non-cons to the practice of athletics competition or running in competition dating less than a year on the date of the competition.

You will find a model here : Medical certificate

Please note: The PPS (Parcours Prévention Santé) is NOT an authorized supporting document this year!

You are licensed from a federation accepted, a copy of your license is mandatory.

From now on, minor athletes are exempt from medical certificates provided that their legal representative has completed a health certificate stating that they have completed the above-mentioned health questionnaire.below and provided that the outcome of the questionnaire does not involve consultation with a physician.

Consult the health questionnaire

Unit price 25€ 
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Unit price 35€ 
(Minimum 0 - Maximum 100)

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