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Cycling is good for your health. However, everyone should adapt their practice according to their pathologies, abilities and potential limitations. Medical support is therefore essential to practice without risk – support provided by your treating physician, a specialist doctor or a sports doctor.

This health module has education and prevention objectives:

  • A medical certificate is only required in case of symptoms that are potentially suggestive of cardiac pathologies at risk of sudden death
  • By checking the boxes in this module, you agree to have read, understood and made the necessary arrangements with regard to the recommendations given.


You must present a medical certificate of absence of contraindication to the practice of cycling,or to the practice of competitive cycling according to the type of license requested, if, during the last twelve months, you have felt one of the following symptoms:

  • Pain in chest at exertion
  • Heart palpitations (Unusual perception of irregular or very fast heartbeat)
  • Discomfort during an effort
  • Sudden loss of consciousness
  • Abnormal and unusual intense shortness of breath

I must then consult and provide a certificate of absence of contraindication to the practice of cycling (or the practice of cycling in competition if applicable) specifying the mandatory completion of an electrocardiogram (ECG) – according to the FFC model

Understand that these symptoms are associated with a high cardiovascular risk when cycling.
Commit to stopping intensive sports activity and to consult urgently in case of the onset of these symptoms.


2.1 Risk factors and pathologies

It is necessary to consult a doctor about a possible contraindication, a preliminary assessment for intensive cycling or competition, or an adaptation to the practice if you are in one of the following situations:

  • A member of your family (parents, brother, sister, children) has died suddenly of a cardiac or unexplained cause.
  • A family member (parents, brother, sister) had heart disease before age 35
  • You have never performed an electrocardiogram (ECG)
    >For the practice of sport in competition, the French society of cardiology recommends an ECG every 3 years up to 20 years and every 5 years from 20 to 35 years
  • You have resumed intensive physical activity without performing a medical assessment to assess your cardiovascular risk after 35 years(if male) or 45 (if female).
  • You continue the practice of intensive cycling or competition after 60 years.
  • You are over 50 and you are a smoker
  • You have a chronic condition:
    >The existence of chronic pathologies must raise the question of the adaptation of sports practice
    >Especially cardiovascular pathologies and pathologies identified as cardiovascular risk factors (diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol)
    >But any pathology can present a risk either by its nature or by the side effects of its treatments
  • You are being followed for a pathology or trauma of the spine
  • You stopped your cycling activity for more than a month for health reasons.

2.2 Medical issues related to sport

Medical follow-up is required if you are in one of the following situations:
In the past 12 months:

  • You think you have or have already been pointed out that you have a problem with food
  • You are a woman and you have not had a period for more than three months
  • You have had a head injury or concussion
  • You regularly experience breathing discomfort when exercising
  • You have experienced an unexplained drop in performance

2.3 Information

The FFC makes its recommendations for good practice available to its licensees:

  • The 10 golden rules of the club of sport cardiologists and their scientific proof
  • Musculoskeletal problems:prevention and management bases
  • Concussion
  • Nutrition and proper use of food supplements
  • Doping prevention
  • Practice in special conditions (extreme temperatures, pollution)
  • Life-Saving Emergency Management – Because a heart attack is unpredictable, everyone can experience it and must know how to react. It is a civic duty to train in saving gestures.

Recommendations for the prevention of cardiovascular accidents

  • I report any chest pain or abnormal shortness of breath to my doctor during exercise *
  • I report to my doctor any heart palpitation that occurs during exercise or immediately after exercise *
  • I report to my doctor any discomfort that occurs during or immediately after exercise *
  • I always respect a warm-up and a 10 min recovery during my sports activities
  • I drink 3 to 4 sips of water every 30 min of training and competition
  • I do not smoke, at least never in the 2 hours preceding or following my sports practice
  • I never use doping and I avoid self-medication in general
  • I do not do intense sports if I have a fever, nor in the 8 days following an influenza episode (fever + body aches)

    *Regardless of my age, training and performance levels, or the results of a previous cardiac assessment.


You hold a license, you must present a valid copy of it.

You can deposit it now or show it during the bib retreat.

Nowadays, minors athletes are exempted from medical certificate provided that their legal representative has completed a health certificate stating that they have completed the following health questionnaire:and provided that the outcome of the questionnaire does not involve consultation with a physician.

Consulte the health questionnaire and complete the health certificate

You can deposit it now or show it during the bib retreat.

In view of your answers from the Health Module, you must submit a medical certificate

You will be a minor during the competition, a designation of a legal guardian is mandatory and an authorization to compete is to be validated.

You hold an AURA Region Pass or the BFC Youth Benefits Card and have received a discount, a copy of the Pass or your card is required.


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